Scott noticed something was wrong…

25 years in the pool maintenance and construction industry will teach you a few things… Scott Berggren has been serving SoCal’s families for years and noticed a disturbing trend. Homeowners were buying pool equipment online and getting taken on the manufacturer’s warranty! When a homeowner buys pool equipment online they get a 30-60 day warranty no matter what the warranty on the product is. Additionally, when a pool pump is self-installed, the pump would not qualify for the DWP $1000 Rebate! Of course, this assumes the homeowner knew what they were doing and installed the correct pump.

Better Buy Pool Supply’s mission was born. We provide actual Wholesale Pricing on all our products, Free Delivery, Full Manufacturer’s Warranty and Flat Rate Installation by a Licensed Contractor. We are Certified Rebate Installers for Variable Speed Pumps for Local Power Companies…and we’ll even complete the paperwork for you.

So instead of getting angry, we solved the problem and pass the savings on to you.

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