DWP & Edison Utility Rebates

Please note: Better Buy Pool Supply is your Certified Rebate Installer for a number of Southern California Power companies. We will help you fill out the Rebate Form and we only install the recommended Variable Speed Pumps that each area requires to qualify.

The following is information from DWP and Edison websites, please call us to schedule your installation and we’ll handle the rest.

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DWP Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Rebates

Get a rebate for up to $500!

LADWP offers a variety of rebates and programs for our residential customers (tenants, homeowners, and landlords). As a publicly-owned utility, the LADWP makes these programs available to assist our customers in using energy and water more efficiently as well as saving money and resources while improving our environment.

To assist in your conservation efforts, the LADWP also offers Free Water Conservation Items.



  1. Certified Pool Pump Replacement Program – Do you have an in-ground swimming pool filtered with a single-speed pool pump and motor?
  2. Have a certified technician replace it with a qualifying energy-efficient variable-speed pool pump and motor and you can get a rebate for up to $500!

By applying for an LADWP rebate and/or program, personal information provided may be subject to public disclosure by requesting parties, pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

Southern California Edison

Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor

If your home has a pool in the backyard, you may be able to reduce its energy consumption by replacing a single or two-speed pump with a Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor. In addition to using a fraction of the energy, variable speed models help your pool run more quietly and extend the life of the filtering system.

Receive a $200 rebate by replacing your pump and motor with a qualifying model.


1. Purchase and install a new Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

2. Make sure the pool pump appears on the list of qualifying products that can be found at

3. The Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor must be installed in a pre-existing or new in-ground pool.

4. The pool pump must be installed at a single-family residence.

5. Proof of purchase must be provided with your application.

Note: A pool pump installed in a spa, product, or pond does not qualify for a rebate.

All pool equipment and materials must be new. Please follow manufacturer installation requirements. Equipment/materials must meet or exceed all applicable local, state, and federal standards, as well as all the following requirements for each product installed. An on-site inspection or verification of the product(s) purchased and installed may be required before the rebate is paid.

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