Jandy CXI650NN Heater

The Jandy CXi series provides mid-efficiency low NOx commercial gas pool heaters that exceed minimum federal efficiency standards with an 85% efficiency rating. Features built-in Cold Water Protection and multiple installation options for indoor/outdoor use along with various venting solutions including direct vent. An excellent option for any public application.

Includes Wholesale Price, Free Hand Delivery, Installation with Full MSR Warranty, Taxes Included.


Jandy CXI650NN Heater Bundle*



Better Buy Pool Supply will provide you with the Full Manufacturer's Warranty plus 1 Year Installation Warranty upon installation by our professionals.

* Thermal Efficiency: Dramatically reduces operating costs with a certified 85% efficiency rating that exceeds minimum federal standards.
* Designed to Fit: Easy passage through a 36” door allows for hassle-free installations.
* Digital Control: User-friendly interface allows for precise temperature control and diagnostic information using real language; not codes.
* Cold Water Protection: Prevents condensation from low inlet water temperatures. Automatic water regulation helps maintain optimum inlet temperatures within the heat exchanger to prolong the life of the heater.
* Multiple Venting Options: Numerous possibilities for placement with eight venting options to meet the installation needs of any pump room.
* Propane or natural gas available – specify at time of order
* Includes field installed CPVC Schedule 80 2” flange connections
* NOx – less than 30 PPM

BTUH: 650000

*BETTER BUY BUNDLE: Includes Wholesale Pricing Free Delivery Free Installation with 1 Year Warranty Full Mfr. Warranty and Tax Is Included. Pool & Spa Heater Free Install is based on the assumption that you have an existing heater that is not working properly or has stopped working recently.  It has gas and electrical going to it. Price includes minor repairs to electrical and gas but if either are damaged or nonexistent additional fees would apply.

500000 BTUs+ Requirements: Commercial Heaters over 500K BTU Requirements: All heaters of this size require an on-site inspection to establish various requirements for the unit. Please note: should the heater require additional dedicated electrical or expanded gas requirements the cost will be separately quoted is not included in the price above. 

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