Jandy JE3000T Heat Pump

The Jandy Pro JE Series provides high-performance energy-efficient heating for your pool and spa. The pump absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to the water providing a cost-effective and ecologically sound heating option.

Includes Wholesale Price, Free Hand Delivery, Installation with Full MSR Warranty, Taxes Included.


Jandy JE3000T Heat Pump Bundle*



Better Buy Pool Supply will provide you with the Full Manufacturer's Warranty plus 1 Year Installation Warranty upon installation by our professionals.

* Titanium Heat Exchanger: The ultra-efficient premium heat exchanger provides superior hydraulic flow for maximum energy savings
* Dual Thermostats: Easy to operate providing precise control over the temperature
* Digital Control: The user-friendly interface features self diagnostics multilingual capability and an auto-heat feature. Use in conjunction with Aqualink control systems to maintain your pool’s temperature automatically and efficiently at all times
* Versa Plumb - All JE Heat Pumps are compatible with Versa Plumb allowing you to achieve up to 50% more hydraulic efficiency for maximum energy savings

80/80/80 -- 132000/6.3
80/63/80 -- 127000/6.0
50/63/80 -- 86000/4.2

*BETTER BUY BUNDLE: Includes Wholesale Pricing Free Delivery Free Installation with 1 Year Warranty Full Mfr. Warranty and Tax Is Included.

Heat Pump Electrical Requirements: Heat Pump Electrical Requirements: All heat pumps require an on-site inspection to establish the electrical requirements for the unit. Please note: The heat pump will require additional dedicated electrical line to be run from the house to the heat pump. The cost for electrical will vary due to the distance and complexity of the installation and is not included in the cost of the heat pump above. 

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