Pentair EC-460730 MasterTemp Pool Heater 200,000 BTU Price Includes Free Installation, Delivery & Tax*


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Pentair 460730 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly Pool Heater, Natural Gas, 200,000 BTU with Bundle*


Better Buy Pool Supply will provide you with the Full 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty plus 1 Year Installation Warranty upon installation by our professionals.

From the Manufacturer

Pentair's MasterTemp Natural Gas heater brings you quiet, efficient heating for your pool and spa.

 Heater Features:

• Very compact design for such a high-performance heater allows for smaller overall equipment pads that won't intrude on your poolscape.

• A fully pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets MasterTemp heat up fast. No long waits before enjoying your pool or spa.

• Compare energy efficiency ratings and you'll find MasterTemp at the top of the list. Comfort and economy can go together.

• With a hot surface ignition (no pilot light) and pushbutton, digital controls, MasterTemp is as easy to operate as your home heating system. Plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap.

• The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how • MasterTemp is positioned on your equipment pad.

• MasterTemp is engineered for super-quiet operation and won't intrude on your poolside leisure time.

• A tough, rustproof composite exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements.

• Eco-friendly, MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emissions and outperforms industry standards.

• Manual gas shut-off when service is required.

*BETTER BUY BUNDLE: Includes Wholesale Pricing, Free Delivery, Local Flat Rate Installation with 1 Year Warranty, Full Mfr. Warranty and Tax Is Included. Pool & Spa Heater Flat Rate Install is based on the assumption that you have an existing heater that is not working properly or has stopped worked recently and that it has gas and electrical going to it. The flat rate price includes minor repairs to electrical and gas but if either are damaged or nonexistent, additional fees would apply.


More Information

Pentair's MasterTemp Natural Gas heater brings you quiet, efficient heating for your pool and spa. Its compact design takes up less room on the equipment pad and its easy-to-read digital display rotates for simple convenience and management. Using natural gas, the MasterTemp is reliable and boasts higher heating efficiencies. Connecting to your natural gas line, the MasterTemp is easy to install, utilizing its built-in inlet and outlet union connections. MasterTemp Natural Gas heaters are designed to be quiet, they're certified for low NOx emissions and are eco-friendly, making them a dependable and safe heater for you and the environment. This is a 200,000 BTU unit.

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